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Image Processing
Image Representation, Compression, Fractal
Chapter 1 Foundation of Image Processing
Chapter 2 Video Processing
Chapter 3 Image Compression
Chapter 4 Image Representation by Fractal A5/192pages/Price:1,680Yen

Space-Filling Curve and Fractal (H.Sagan)
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Hilbert Space-Filling Curve
Chapter 3 Peano Space-Filling Curve
Chapter 4 Seerpinski Space-Filling Curve
Chapter 5 Lebesgue Space-Filling Curve
Chapter 6 Segment of Continuous Image
Chapter 7 Schoenberg Space-Filling CUrve Chapter 8 Jorudan Curve with Positive Lebesgue Measure
Chapter 9 Fractal
243pages/Price:3,360Yen, ISBN:4-4317-0775-1
By Springer-Veriag Tokyo

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